Budget 2017-2018 Surgical Strike on all fronts

#UnionBudget 2017 -2018 presented by FM Sri Arun Jaitely today has addressed all fronts. The bright spot is curb on political donations in cash from Rs20000/ to Rs2000/ will definitely give nightmares to private limited or rather family owned political parties .Infrastructure & Agriculture has been given a big thrust in view of extra allocations & lowering of Corporate tax on companies I would have pleased more if a cap on interest rates on education,business & other loans were announced. Still the interest rates are high which result in NPA'S & are counter productive to industry in particular & hurts the general section of the population at large. Thumbs up to FM & my rating 9 out of 10

Jallikattu - Preserving Culture or playing playing with passions

In the name of culture can we loose such precious human lives.Will these activists who protested at Marina beach Chennai for restoration of Jallikattu take the responsibility & why the politicians succumb to pressure tactics to allow the killer sports to be organised ? Just to please a few or for narrow political gains

SP - Congress Alliance Ripples or Opportunity

SP - Congress Alliance in UP is hardly going to cause any ripples in coming polls.Congress has hardly any base & its cadres are in disarray while SP has very few development projects to name.CM was continuously harping on Lucknow Agra expressway but what about the rest.No doubt CM Akhilesh's creditability to deliver the goods is quite high & his image is also clean but absence of Netaji at the minefesto release program today will definetly be advantage BJP.I doubt if votes of SP Congress will be transfered to each other & if that does not happen then I am sure congress vote will be shared by BJP & BSP( where congress does not field its candidate).I feel pity for a National party like congress who has to play 2nd fiddle to a Regional party.In any case it will be a triangular contest & much will depend on the way minority & SC/ST & backward votes which will be quite interesting to watch as the campaign progresses

Accountability of NGO'S - A step in the right direction

Supreme Court of India deserves to be complimented for directing all NGO'S to file a statement of account wibefore the designated authority. Although majority of NGO'S are doing a very noble job for the betterment & service of the society in their own way but since they are taking money from government, Public & CSR funds they must be held accountable for the receipts & expenditure.It has been revealed that there are about 37lakh NGO'S registered in the country & are close to availing approximately 9000 crore rupees from central & state government apart from other sources of money even foreign donations also.Due to huge involvement of public money & also some NGO'S iindulging in nefarious activities which are detrimental to national interest as well as the society at large,that they must be held accountable.
It has also come to light that some of the NGO'S act as conduit for black money conversion & also it should be mandatory for them to collect & pay all amounts above Rs2000/ by digital mode through net banking,Cheque,NEFT etc.This will ensure transparency in their working after all they are exempted from paying income tax so why not comply with a simple statutory requirement.
I am also sure that cashless mode of payments will also be followed by political parties,religious,charitable, educational trusts as well as some nursing home hospitals running as research centres so that loopholes in the economy are plugged.Let us take a step forward for a cleaner India

Demonetization effect -60 days & latter

Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi must be complemented for a bold demonetization step.Its almost 60 days & the promised deadline of 50 days to ensure enough availability of cash at banks & ATM'S has been met.This has further enhanced the creditability of PM & his government.Long ques are a thing of the past.Our PM has been criticized for this step but I think it was the right decision & yes short term problems have been faced by the public due to cash cruntch & non availability of digital or online payments. It is due to lack of knowledge & apprehension that online payments are not safe.I have used many payment options like Net Banking,wallet payments like PAYTM etc. & NEFT & IMPS mode apart from card swapping.I must say its very easy,safe & fast.
Yes there has been short term loss in business & manufacturing which may result in lower GDP but its impact will be negligible & economy will be back on track by March 2017. To boost economy interest rates must be brought down to 7-8% & vice versa on savings.This will promote growth& spending as well as consumption resulting in higher GDP.GOI will earn higher revenue by way of increased collection of VAT & excise duty & this money can be used for infrastructure spending,social & education sectors & the agriculture sectors.
My recipe to prescribe withdraw Rs2000/ ruppe notes at the earliest maybe in next 6 months to curb black money & corruption including terrorism funding.Good Luck Modi ji