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Monday, March 15

Women Reservation Bill

By introducing the women reservation bill & getting it passed by the Rajya Sabha is it real empowerment of women.Its no doubt that the passage of the bill was overdue but real power will vest in the hands of husbands of most of these MP's & MLA's .But still its a long way to go before this bill really comes into effect.Nevertheless it could be a plot to distract the attention of our opposition parliamentarians from raising more pressing issues facing the Nation like price rise,corruption,nepotism & of course terrorism from across the border.

Passage of this bill shall hardly change the lives common women who still are subject to torture at the hands of their in-laws for dowry,molested & raped by the antisocial elements when we have likes of Sonia Gandhiji, Mayawatiji, Mamtaji, Sushmaji & Brindaji heading National parties.

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