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Wednesday, December 1

Meri Awaj Bhi Suno-Nau so chuhe kha kar billi haz ko chali Pranab shedding crocodile tears

Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee says that government shall ensure to find the black money of Indians stashed in Swiss Banks & other Tax havens.May I remind him that a UN resolution on corruption needs to be ratified by the Parliament is gathering dust for the last 5-6 years.Perhaps to my knowledge this is the most corrupt government we had since Independence.Pranabda is not at all serious about fitting corruption as one scam after another is being unearthed everyday & he conveniently shifts the blame on previous NDA government.As if they did some wrong so the get a licence do indulge in corruption.

If really this government is anything serious in fitting corruption they should first ratify the UN resolution on corruption,bring a comprehensive legislation & what ever legal act is required to bring back the black money from swiss & other Banks.Appoint a statutory body with sweeping powers to do the job & last but not the least take stringent action against corrupt by establishing fast track/special courts & also empowering CVC,CAG &PAC with more teeth by giving them judicial powers.Appointment to such bodies must be made from amongst persons having a clean image.

Is the Government serious??

I doubt because most of this black money supposedly 280 lakh crores required so that all eligible voters cast their votes making it 100% . unfortunately belongs to politicians & higher ups & may be bureaucrats who are responsible for making these laws.One more thing a small amendment to the people's representation Act is

Your guess is as good as mine who will bring back this 280lakh crores of tax payers money.

Keep guessing .................My heart weeps for India!!

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