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Friday, July 2

Water Conservation

Water is a very precious commodity & its the prime duty of every citizen to conserve water.Our Government authorities should also be very responsible & where ever leakages in pipe line & damages are reported it should be repaired at the earliest possible so that their is minimum wastage of water.In every city a helpline phone number like the one allotted to police or fire services be established so that people may inform the concerned authorities about water leakages etc.This will also help to monitor the action taken by the concerned staff in rectifying the faults.I am sure this will save a lot of water.Additionally a citizen's water police be formed to check water wasteges.I will also appeal to all the citizens not to throw water on the streets as sprinkling water on the roads in front of their house will not give them any respite from scorching summer heat.It is a colossal waste.

Government has made it compulsory for all buildings built on more than 300sqare meters to install water harvesting device .Just by making a law will not help the cause,its implementation is also very necessary.Government should appoint specialists in water harvesting & also fix a reasonable price for such work so that the building owners may be able to install these devices.Make it mandatory to get certificate of installation of water harvesting device from such specialists.But the million dollar question is implementation in the right earnest.

Let us take a pledge to begin saving water from this very moment as analysts are of the view that perhaps water crises may be the cause of next world war.So lets get,set &go..........

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