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Wednesday, October 20

Meri Awaj Bhi Suno - CWG No use crying over spilt milk

Common Wealth Games are over and now the war of words has started over allegations & counter allegations over charges of corruption .Every body is hurling allegations of looting public money so as to prove a point 'Meri Kameej Teri Kameej se safed hai'.But fact of the matter is every politician & bureaucrat worth the name is prepared to loot the exchequer whenever he gets a chance or rather they create such opportunity.

I am astonished that in 2003 during Vajpayeeji's regime a budget for CWG was prepared for around 400 crores.Come 2009 the Budget escalates to 13000 and finally when the games end a staggering amount of roughly 70000 crores is spent.My goodness what was our worthy Finance Minister and our great Prime Minister doing? where they sleeping.How can you overshoot your budgetted amount by nearly 5times from your estimates given barely an year ago?This is clearly negligence on the part of Government & now they are passing the buck on Kalmadi,his OC and even some non-entities.PM owes an explanation to his countrymen that why & under what circumstances he allowed hard earned public money to be wasted on CWG when 37% population is living below poverty line & another 30-40% bearly able to meet their living.

This money could well have been pumped into meaningful poverty elevation program me & rather selling food grains through the PDS at exceptionally subsidized prices to bring down the spiraling prices of essential commodities.Congress would have earned lots of accolades & blessings from the poor.To cover up their misdeeds they are using CBI as a which hunting agency.I also fail to understand what BJP was doing when CWG loot was on.They have got no right to accuse the government now just to score some brawny points.The probe by various agencies will be unfruitful as in the past as it lacks conviction and is a mere cover up .Bofors,HDW deal & the fodder scam are still fresh in our minds.

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