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Friday, January 14

Meri Awaj Bhi Suno-Price Rise The Blame Game Continues

Country weeps over massive price rise of essential commodities especially food items while the blame game by this government in particular & all political parties in general continues.Every other day a new story goes round shifting the onus on price rise,the latest victim being the honourable citizens of this country or rather the Am Admi who is really feeling the brunt nearly 37% below poverty line & another estimated 45% moving towards below poverty line.Cabinet met for 2 days at length but no solution was forthcoming & now they say that increased income & failure of the state governments to curb hoarders is the cause.The other day Congress Yuvraj Rahul Gandhi said that cooliation government is responsible for price rise.Strange are there ways of handling the situation when the whole nation is crying.We need not just statistics & blame games but real action.Tough action should be taken against hoarders & huge stocks shoukd be released in the market.apart from that MRP of food items should be fixed,role of middle men should be brought to a minimum & yes a political will to bring down the prices is very much required.

Immediately a meeting of all chief ministers should be convened & their support should be solicited to relieve the public from this trauma.Act now & tough against corrupt people & monitor the prices.Invite people to send sms if they find traders not adhering to suggested MRP's.When will our PM remove the most non performing minister of his cabinet Mr.Sharad Pawar & if he is so indispensable then make him minister for cricketing affairs instead of Agriculture .I am sure half the problem will be solved immediately.

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