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Tuesday, April 9

National Government at the Centre---Left,Right & Centre made accountable

Every politician is saying that the country is facing difficult times.corruption,non performance of governments ,economic situation & sagging image of the politicians are some of the problems which every political party has to address. .Nobody has got a magic charm that can solve all the problems at one go.Every body  agrees that coalition governments are the order of the day &none will get majority on its own then why not a National government at the center  be mooted .Every political party can join the government as per the ratio of the seats won by them.We will have a government sharing all spectrum of polity.When every legislation is discussed & finalized at the standing committee of parliament so as to become an Act then why not give governance a chance.At least we will fin a situation where blame game gets eliminated.But one thing is sure every political party if it wants to serve the nation honestly then it will have to work on a common agenda for governance & see what is good & what is bad for the country.Last but not the least political parties will have to shed their egos for the government to run.Some major decisions can be taken by the government by inviting public opinion so that they also have a say in the governance.

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