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Tuesday, June 18

Falling Ruppee & economic slowdown......Who will come to the rescue

 RBI has not cut the interest rates today but why are we depending on RBI  only to bail out this country from the financial mess caused by scams,inefficiency policy paralysis & so on.Our own goverment has to step in instead of depending on RBI.It will have to stop wastefull expenditures like MNREGA,Mid day meal,subsidies on diesel for SUV users & DG sets & the upcoming brainchild of UPA the food security bill & use these funds for infrastructure development.Only this will push the economy & automatically bring down the interest rates & bring a qualitative change in the lifestyles of its citizen.One more thing all projects acrross the country needing  clearances from one ministry to another may be expedited on war foot so that huge amount of money of Banks stuck up there may be released in the economy.Is any body listening..........

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