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Saturday, January 29

Blame Game Continues

Every Day on Television I hear debates on one issue or the other & sadly when politicians find no answers to the query they shift the blame on other political dissension.I am deeply pained & my heart weeps for the people of India.If NDA or BJP has done little on corruption cases does it give license to UPA or rather Congress to do wrong & fool this poor country.Agreed BJP has lot to do in Karnataka or even other cases like Bofors or Kargil coffin case or its National President caught on camera accepting bribes but Congress has been ruling India for more than 5 decades will have to do a little more to hold their credibilty.Frustration is growing in this country but still silly excuses are being given every day on sensitive cases like Swiss money trail, CWG scam,Adarsh Society scam, appointment of CVC ..... the list simlpy continues.Wake MR Manmohan Singhji ? What is the harm in appointing a JPC on 2-G spectrum case? Please refer all cases of National importance to a larger Bench of 11 Judges of Supreme Court & ask it to pronounce its judgment in a limited time frame of 6-8 months.

I think it is high time people of this country need an answer & no politician should teach moralities to another as their credibility is extremely low & I am afraid this is not good for the future of Democracy in this country.This government must take all sections of the polity into confidence & relieve the sufferings of its citizens.I think corruption cases,High Price rise of food items & confidence of its citizens in its government are 3 key areas which require consensus to be build amongst all sections of polity.Time is running short.Is anybody listening........

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